cPixiu 貔貅, Tianlu 天祿. The 9th son of the dragon king is a celestial animal in Chinese mythology, embodied with a dragon head, horse body, and qilin’s feet with a shape similar to the lion.

There are 2 versions of why Pixiu’s rectum was sealed. 1st version, he was punished by Jade Emperor and the other by Dragon King (his father), we shall not go into details as the stories can be easily found on the net.

Pixie could only eat things that represent wealth such as gold, silver, and jewels because he cannot defecate as his rectum was sealed this signified wealth will roll in and will not flow out. Pixiu is a very popular wealth fetching animal in Fengshui and many praised its effectiveness.

While many invite Pixiu to their house for wealth fetching purposes, we have to remind you that Pixiu is excellent in guarding against disease caused by an evil entity, with his large fangs and snarling mouth he prevents any demons or evil entity from coming near or he will devour them, draining their essence and converting them into wealth.

In the market, Pixiu comes with 1 or 3 horns either serve the same purposes. Do not get the one with 2 horns as this is the female Pixiu and her purpose is guarding the tombstone.

Always place your Pixiu facing the main door, if not possible then face out your main window in the living room. Do not place him in any of the bedrooms. These are the usual practices unless advised by your Master to do otherwise.

Pixiu is extremely good in the benefits below.


Wealth, wealth and wealth!
Place at home to subdue any evil and serve as a protective guardian to safeguard the house and occupants.
Power to protect the owner from danger.
PS: Many people stuff cash notes into the mouth of Pixiu, we do not advise that as Pixiu only preferred real gold, silver or coins.