A customer entrusted his precious amulet to us making a bracelet with it. This type of Thai amulet (takrut) is normally worn around the waist.

Made By
Monk: LP Aim
Country of Origin: Thailand
Temple: Wat Tungnamai
Province: Nakhon Si Thammarat
Year made: BE.2563
Material: Fabart Longya

LP Aim(IM), Wat Tungnamai, Nakhon Si Thammarat is an old guru master who has learnt from Phor Tan Klai (Golden Mouth) Born on December 6th BE.2460, he ordained in Wat Yangkom at the age of 17 and followed Phor Tan Klai from then on. In BE.2480, He ordained again at the age of 20 years old at the same temple. After that he went back to become a layman to help out his parents but still, he followed closely with Phor Tan Klai to learn dharma & wicha spells.

In BE.2527, LP Aim ordained again the 3rd time and became the abbot of Wat Tungnamai. There is an instance LP Aim donated the temple land 9th King to raise funds to improve the hospital facilities in the village for the benefit of the people.

LP Aim was already 103 years old (2020). He is a compassionate monk who is proficient in wicha spells and well versed in Vipassana meditation.

Ai Khai is a famous child Deva in Thailand. Devotees flock to the temple to beseech blessings of wealth every day, and lottery wins for themselves or family members. Just do a search on the web you will get tons of info about this deva and miracles that happened to devotees.

We choose hematite for this customer base on his date of birth, time, 5 elements and what he needs. We believe all crystals and gemstones are beneficial but getting the right one is the key to bring out the maximum potential.

PS: We do not sell any amulet, if you need it, we will redirect you to a reliable dealer.

Over the weekend sent these pieces to a couple. Choose the stones suitable for them based on their DOBT and their current needs. Feel satisfied when the owners were smitten on their first look at the bracelets.