A lady contacted us for Black Obsidian hoping to block negativity and to release disharmony in both her workplace and home.

During our conversation, we found that she was very weak both mentally and emotionally. We advised her instead of Black Obsidian try Black Chalcedony. While Black Obsidian is very powerful, it is born literally of forceful fiery energy and is not suitable for a person who is both mentally and emotionally weak. Such a sudden change of forceful energy might not be beneficial and might even do more harm.

Black Chalcedony is connected to the base chakra and best to use for stabilizing energy that helps to ground your mind and emotion. One’s consciousness will be opened and understand her inner’s thought better so that she is able to comprehend and release any negative patterns.

In this case, Black Chalcedony is more suitable for this lady as its energy is gentle and less forceful in emotional cleansing.

We are glad that she is feeling much better and things are going great and Chalcedony normally is much cheaper.

PS: The right one is not based on the price.