One of the most popular questions we received and yes size does matter.

Size does matter when you use crystals for display at home or in a workplace, it’s size must match the environment and blend in as a whole to look aesthetically pleasing. If you want to affect a large space with crystal’s energy size does matter but not in all cases. This is simply because some smaller crystals have more energy and emit stronger vibrations than the bigger ones but then again bigger size crystals have higher chances of having more energy and stronger vibrations. You can do some tests to find out your crystal’s energy, we shall not get into that in this post.

Does size matter for jewelry such as necklace earrings and bracelets? Yes, it does matter and the reason is because of comfortability. Once I saw a petite lady wearing a 16mm tiger’s eye bracelet instantly I felt so awkward for her. Wearing a big size crystal earrings looks torturous, imagine the weight of the earrings pulling down your ear lope making you look like the Dayak women with their elongated ears.

Crystals work best when in contact with the skin. This is why crystals are made into jewelry to be worn since ancient times not just because they are beautiful. Crystals energy benefit you faster and directly when its vibration comes in contact physically with you and size does not matter in this context.

The most important elements to choose your bracelets are:

1. Materials must be genuine.
2. It must be suitable for you.
3. Make sure you are comfortable with the size.
4. It must be aesthetically beautiful.

So folks be comfortable and confident wearing your stones!