A customer shared with us his Hematite bracelet bought from a Facebook auction and keeps mentioning he got it at a very good deal. I congratulated him and asked if he could let me adored his collection.
Upon inspection, I found that the Hematite beads attracted each other like magnets. My first thought was “wow high price for magnet beads”. I explained to him that his Hematites are probably magnets.

Natural Hematite is not naturally magnetic, they hold a little magnetic charge but not at all behave like a magnet. I suggested to him that to further proved my point, let me grind his “Hematite” beads and I would also grind my Hematite to check the material. If I am wrong, I will give him a new Hematite bracelet absolutely free.

Real Hematite powder is slightly red-brownish and fake hematite (magnet) normally is in grey or black as shown in the picture.

Too many fake stones, crystals, gemstones in the market. Many crystals are grown in the lab and stones are synthetically made. Please buy from reputable sellers.