This bracelet is designed for a gentleman who is a Buddhist and an intermediate meditator. He shared with us how meditation has helped to improve his life and most importantly the experiences during deep meditation which was the reason why we used Hematite.

The grounding and protective effects of Hematite are particularly strong. It protects the soul and grounds it back into the body when the mind senses danger. This stone harmonizes mind, body, and spirit redressing Yin and Yang imbalances, it also purges negativity and prevents negative energies from tainting your aura.

Hematite is also being promoted for its benefits in health such as supporting kidneys in the cleansing of blood, treats insomnia, anxiety, cramps, etc.

Three Rudraksha seeds were used to represent the triple gem, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. It will always remind the wearer of the teachings and wisdom from Buddha.

We hope this bracelet will improve them physically, mentally and especially spiritually for this gentleman.