The above ticket was sent to us by our customer, winning group 2 lottery within 2 weeks of wearing our bracelets. She has not won any lottery for many many (forgotten how many) years.

We received many customers sending us pictures of their winning tickets, telling us how our bracelets work for them but we never post ANY to market our products and services, why?

We have tried many things in the past from religious rituals, amulets from different religions, lucky charms from many cultures, and sadly none of them yield results. Does crystal give you lottery luck? NO! Do that so-called kai guang (开光) (consecrated) crystals give you more power? NO! In the first place and to the best of our knowledge, there is no such thing as kai guang a crystal, at least in the Asia context. Consecrating an object or statue involves reciting a specific mantra and performing a specific ritual, probably the only people who know and do that with crystals are the Pegan.

If crystals do not give you lottery luck, then why are there so many people posting on social media how they win lotteries with the bracelets they bought?

Imagine yourself as a vessel full of unclean water, now imagine another 5 vessels which are water containing health, relationship, wealth, career, and personal spirituality. We call these vessels as 5 vessels of life that belong to you and are ready to fill your vessel up with these vitals of life but the problem is if your vessel is full, there is no room for these goodnesses.

The vessel is your body and the water is the energies within you. The 5 vessels of life are the energies of health, relationship, wealth, career, and personal spirituality. You have to expel the negative energies within you to make space for the positive energies to enter.

Crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans and maximize the healing abilities we already have. More importantly, they cleanse or expel negative energies, making room for the 5 vessels of life. Crystals can also help match the misaligned energy levels calming our mind and gaining back sanity.

Everyone has a different level of water in their 5 vessels of life. In this context, we are talking about wealth and specifically wealth for lottery/gambling luck. If you have a little amount in your wealth vessel then expect small lottery luck, if you have a big amount then expect big windfall but if you have an empty vessel of wealth, you will win nothing, and crystals cannot give or create for you.

Back to the questions

1. Can crystal give or create luck?

2. Can crystal help in receiving luck?
Yes, by expelling your negative energies and the positive energies will naturally come.

3. Can crystal manifest your luck?
Yes, works well with your thoughts, your thoughts Determine Your Desires. Your thoughts are powerful

4. If my wealth vessel is empty what can I do?
The lack of certain vessels of life is caused by the complexity of the law of nature and we term it as karma. The best way to start accumulating your wealth is by giving, it may sound contradicting but yes this the best way. By giving can be not monetary but physical, verbal, and thoughts. Helping old folk to get up after a fall is giving, being polite, and praising others is giving, the thoughtfulness for others to constitutes giving.

So crystal lovers out there, be smart of sellers claiming about their lottery winning crystal and please walk away from magician sellers who can kai guang and multiply their crystal energy level by the amount of money you winning to pay 🤦‍♂️.

Drop us an email if you have inquiries.

Good deed, good vessels, good life.

PS: Above is based on our personal experiences and knowledge, we sincerely apologize to those who(super-being) really kai-guang and multiply the energy of crystals.