AETHERSTONES 20 Sticks of Prosperity Incense Stick


Use our Prosperity Incense Sticks to bring good luck and fortune to you. The fine ingredients amalgamated to produce these sticks are all-natural. They awaken consciousness and bring about the...

AETHERSTONES 20 Sticks of Wealth Fetching Incense Stick


Burning incense is great for anyone struggling with insomnia because of the relaxing effect it has. As a result of the calming effect of incense, it can be helpful in...

AETHERSTONES Natural Champa Backflow Incense Cones 15 Cones - Smudging, Cleansing and Purifying

$17.00 – $29.00

Champa incense is often used in religious rituals, house cleaning, or purification. Besides, you can also burn Champa incense in the yoga room, tea room, or reading room. With a...

AETHERSTONES Natural Dragon Blood Backflow Incense Cones15 Cones - Smudging, Cleansing and Purifying

$17.00 – $29.00

Dragon’s blood is mainly a type of incense made from the resin of a palm tree called Dracaena, or Dragon Tree. These trees are native to the Socotra archipelago near...

AETHERSTONES Natural Jasmine Backflow Smudging Cones 15 Cones - Relaxation, Smudging, Cleansing and Purifying

$17.00 – $29.00

Burning jasmine incense will provide a very sweet smelling scent that can help reduce anxiety and depression, improve your sleep, enhance cognitive abilities and make you feel more relaxed and...

AETHERSTONES Natural Lavender Backflow Incense Cones - Relaxation, Smudging, Cleansing and Purifying

$17.00 – $39.00

The use of incense sticks has been known to have a positive impact on the body, mind, and spirit. Lavender Incense is particularly very popular because of its pleasant aroma...

AETHERSTONES Natural Lemongrass Backflow Incense Cones - Insect Repellent, Smudging, Cleansing and Purifying

$17.00 – $39.00

These incense cones are particularly powerful because they contain the sacred magic of lemongrass. Lemongrass cleanses and energizes the spirit, bringing a sense of revitalization. It helps to keep things...

AETHERSTONES Natural White Sage Backflow Incense Cone 15 Cones - Smudging, Cleansing and Purifying

$17.00 – $29.00

Burning incense is about the atmosphere, fragrance is one of the substances that is released into the atmosphere which is pleasant to us. Different indoor shapes and sizes have different...

AETHERSTONES Palo Santo Fruit Essential Oil 15ml


We're excited to introduce the most sustainable Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) product available to date. The Palo Santo fruit is collected using an annually regenerative harvest model that does no...

Natural Asta Managalum Handmade Nepali Lokta Rope Incense


The Asta Managalum has been extracted from the leaves and trees which is found in the Himalayan Regions of Nepal. The common Nepali name of this Asta Managalum is Dhup...

Natural Herbs Nepali Lokta Rope Tebetan Incense


This Nepali incense rope is made up of natural herbs from Tibet. Extra herbs like white and red Sandalwood, Rhododendron, Kuth Saussurea Lappa and Tibetan incense etc. are the main...

Natural Himalayan Cedar Handmade Nepali Lokta Rope Incense


The Himalayan Cedar has been extracted from the wood of the Cedar tree which is the Himalayan region of Nepal. The common Nepali name is the Himalayan Cedar Dhup, which...

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